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I never met you, but I felt you
Your images in pictures, your smile so innocent
I heard a lot about you before I saw your face
The life that you were given was such an awful place
Sitting as a juror, hearing every clue
Silently I sat there, tears welling in my eyes
Trying to determine the truth and then the lies
Your life was young and gentle, you paid an awful price
If I could have saved you, I would not have thought twice
But now who stands before me, I can't beleive my eyes
For no one but your mother, is hidden behind the lies
I wanted to beleive her, an awful accident
But for your loss of life, her soul she must repent
Altough I cast a single vote, and victory is had
The life of Jade was never more than very sad
The only gift I can give you, is that your voice was heard
And mommy sits in jail, you had the final word
Dear Jade, mommy can't hurt you anymore
Take angels wings and soar to new heights
On angels wings she soars to the twilight of the sky
No more tears, no more time to cry

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