Some say he well might be a football great
But he has major problems with his weight
He find the footy training tough and hard
And his legs refuse to run that extra yard.

A powerful man just under six foot tall
And just a few pounds short of fifteen stone
When Jaffa crashes goalwards with the ball
You hear those opposition players groan.

A top player with the Warby football team
And in Warburton his is a household name
He gives and takes the knocks and lets off steam
And after tells you 'it's all in the game'.

He struggles for to keep those kilos down
Big Jaffa man I meet every week day
But his weight his one great barrier to renown
At least that's what some football followers say.

A handsome fellow of sturdy build and tough
And quite ferocious on the field of play
And the powerful build of him seems quite enough
I'd rather face Mike Tyson any day.

by Francis Duggan

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