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JC (07/04/1989 / )


Poem By J.D. Crockett

can anyone be as lonely as I?
Its doubtful I think with a mournful sigh.
Sitting up wake at one-fifteen,
wondering, whatever became of love?
I thought I had it a long time ago,
but she was just a stupid little so-and-so.

I've been searching, for all these years,
broken a heart, and shed a few tears.
Looking for someone good,
or at least better than me.
I found a few girls, who had the right stuff,
but in their eyes I'm just not up to snuff.

Have I become what I despised the most?
A parasite that preys on the emotion of its host?
A player that cares only for himself?
and goes into things with only half a heart?
Only half a heart to give, expecting full in return?
Fight fire with fire and the whole house burns.

Echos of just one resonate in my soul,
bouncing around in this jagged hole.
I keep burning the bridges,
spanning the canyons onf my torn heart.
Torn between the future and the past,
surely I had to know it could never... ever last.

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