Jagged Memories

A pool of unshed tears triggered from the past.
Wounds in the heart and sorrows so vast
The stronghold that we built shattered so fast
A bubble in the wind that burst & didn't last

I furtively peeked at the window of yore
My mind was gleeful. I though I could soar
For I saw us.. Laughing with amour.
Joyous emotions filled us to every core.

But the water has long passed the bank
It was nothing but memories in a trunk
An enormous ship that had already sunk
Below the deep waters that held nothing but black.

This journey is full of altered paths
where each of us must occupy a slot.
Though our euphoria was covered with blots,
One thing I promise, I will forget you not.

by Rusette Elinore

Comments (2)

Jageed memories so painful like a jagged edge knife thrusted right to your chest.Nice rhymes Rusette.
great verses.... though euphoria was covered with blots still you will not forget.. nicely written...keep up your good work... Best Wishes, Ency Bearis