(24 August 1833 – 26 February 1886 / Surat, Gujarat / India)

Jai Jai Garavi Gujarat

Praises of Proud Gujarat. Praises of Proud Gujarat. glorious sun rise. (Gujarat's) flag will be shine as symbol of love and valour. Oh! ! Flag of Gujarat teaches love and valour. you have great prestige and Reputation. Praises of Proud Gujarat.

In north direction Amba Mataji(situated) . East direction Mahakali mataji(situated) . In south direction Kunteshwer Mahadev shields Gujarat. At eastern direction lord Somnath and Sri Krishna always assist Gujarat. Praises of Proud Gujarat.

Gujarat has holy rivers of Narmada,Tapi and Mahi. Gujarat has great ocean with Enormous resources. Our gallant Ancestors give Benefaction of victory standing on hills. we unites Forever. Praises of Proud Gujarat.

we will bring the glory of Gujarat like Ancient Capital Anhilwad. we will bring the glory of Gujarat like King Siddharaj Jaysinh. The Dark night has gone and good omen will come. we are (the people of Gujarat) with you Poet and agree to bring bright future. Praises of Proud Gujarat.

translated by Deepak Nechlani.

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