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It's dark around, it pains inside..
Somebody has chained me in a cell..
Four walls and three windows.. the dark grey of gloom..

The walls of reinforced expectation,
The bass of high - density conditioning,
The floor of impregnable societal farce,
The roof of titanium pretension..

I open the windows,
the moon drifts.
It's rays, slashed to pieces by metal bars,
fall at my feet and hit my head.
They give me hope, strength and courage, but..
Can hope, strength and courage.. make me break solid steel? ?

I close the windows..
No moon, no stars, no rays of light, no hope, no strength, no courage..
A placid solitude of a wait....
For DeAtH..? ? ! !
I want to live..
I want to wait for the promised sunrise, the jailbreak, that will free all..

Deliverer, deliver..!
Messiah, preach..!
God, show me the way..!
Somebody, anybody, come to rescue..!
Save us from the creator of this prison..! !

Does he even realise the torture on us?
And oh.. Does he even have a name..? ?

Yes he does..!
What does that plaque say..?
This prison.. created by..

I laugh aloud, so loud..
that the walls crumble..
the bars melt..
the roof gives in..
the earth shudders in celebration..

Who am I..? ?
I am the walls..
I am the windows..
I am the moon..
I am the hope..
I am the Messiah..
I am the GOD...
I am the FREE..

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