Jaisalmer Mail

Poem By Alven L. Robinson

An opium tale - -
the trail across the golden dunes
landscape lagoons for caravans
trading in the henna hands
of brides and bribes; the filigree
of time carved in sura lines,
the Prophet's verse rehearsed,
memorized, believers mesmerized,
Gabriel's message received
retrieved from the skies,
twilight eyes behind the purdah veils
watching the glow, the embers slowly
dying, the striving gone to trance
a perfumed dance rising in the light
the chillum's flight between the fingers
lingering for a dream,
harem delights seen
tasted in the smoke,
the spokes of wheels turning
burning with the fires,
the pyres at dawn
death gone into the night,
a falcon's plight on wings
the heresy of things
seduction's silver rings
of wealth, Parvati's temptress stealth
in moonlight, her hair alight
anxious as a snare
temptation's fare repelled
felled by the Trident's dare - - Shiva's reply
the conflict nigh - - ascetic invitation
or captivation by the pleasure
the measure of appeal
the enigma real as the domain
the sacred river born again,
a sadhu's gain or loss
the blind man's desert to be crossed,
now the intent, the merit sent as sign,
benign or serpentine
without design or answer
under the stars, staring from afar
the nomad's guide, a compass tried
without success - - but surely blest.

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