Jake La Motta

He fought greats like Fritzie Zivic, Marcel Cerdan and Sugar
A legend then and a legend still today
And few could hope to match it with him in his prime
And he remains unbowed by father time.

Jake La Motta's is a legendary name
And he is in the boxing hall of fame
In his prime years he seldom knew defeat
And he never was an easy man to beat.

The Bronx Bull the nickname he is known by
A brave ex ring warrior and men like him don't easily die
As well as in the fight game from life big hits he's had to take
And few if any tougher than old Jake.

He's eighty one years young and still going strong
And to the true ring legends he belong
In his prime years a real hard nut to crack
And one well might say he's been to hell and back.

Robert Di Nero starred in a film on his life
And he presently is with his seventh wife
And the grim reaper is obliged to wait
For Jake La Motta the old boxing great.

by Francis Duggan

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