Nights of great romance and,
Nights of great words;
And like the end of the year and,
The start of the year! !
But, you are one of the ten lovers around.

Jama is your anme and, i do love you! !
But, you need to rise up very early to understand my sweet muse;
For, sleeping idle always will not gain you respect on my sweet muse,
Because, i am the very special person for your sweet love!

Your love to me is like the ice-breakers! !
But, a visit to you is like the ground-diggers!
So, come and learn more from the ways of life around me;
For, you need me to put away this mask on your face,
Oh, my sweet Jama! ! !
It is better to see the light always than to be in the dark.

by Edward Kofi Louis

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