Jama is an African from Somalia far away
I'm black and I am proud of it he has been known to say
In boots he stand seven foot in bare feet six foot ten
And six footers beside him seem only little men.

He left his home in Mogadishu when he was just eighteen
The wanderlust was in him the far off hills looked green
Like many more before him he hit the wandering track
And now he's twenty nine years old and he has not been back

To Mogadishu City the place he still call home
That feeling of nostalgia he still has not outgrown
On friday at the local he sit and drink his beers
And sing songs of Somalia and talk of boyhood years.

His wife a fair skinned Aussie their two growing sons chocolate brown
And they will be tall like daddy the tallest boys in town
And Jama loves his children and he loves his Aussie wife
And he admits Australia has a better way of life.

And all those who know Jama have only good to say
Of this gentle giant from Africa Somalia far away
Six foot ten in his bare feet in some ways he seems shy
His big heart full of kindness he would not harm a fly.

by Francis Duggan

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