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James Bredin And Kaneix
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James Bredin And Kaneix

Poem By Francis Duggan

James Bredin and Kaneix they both write with a passion though they hold quite a different point of view
And both of them stick to what they believe in since I should know for I am that way too
Of the World wide web the most political poets and on politics they mainly seem to dwell
But to their credit they have great potential as true potential is never hard to tell.

On Canadian politics Bredin writes with a passion for conservatism the strongest views he hold
He gives the Canadian socialists a good verbal bashing his rhymes are racy and his words are bold
He makes a few friends and he loses others you win some and you lose some so they say
But either way he does not seem to worry the type of man who does things his own way.

On the other hand Kaneix is very different George W Bush in his words he does attack
There is not one poet on the World wide web who has written as much as he has on Iraq
At Bush's re-election he feels devastated and at Kerry's loss poor Allan is left to grieve
But for every winner there must be a loser at least that's what we are led to believe.

Kaneix his real name Allan Kay and James Bredin write with a passion and with their words for their own views they fight
And both of them as poets have great potential though on politics they mostly seem to write
Still the World wide web is much the better for them and though they look at life one might say differently
'Twould be a boring World when you come to think about it if all of us on all things did agree.

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