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James Comey
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James Comey

Poem By The Trumpoet

The FBI chief, Mr. Comey,
was loved by Trump like his best homey.
For he went around hintin'
about emails and Clinton,
making Trump fans excited and foamy.

But then Comey provided reflection
upon Trump aides and Russian connection.
Trump did protest and howl,
stamp his feet and cry foul,
for the tide has turned since the election.

Trump thinks Comey is guilty of slander,
though his Hillary probe raised no dander.
So I guess Trump's excuse
is what's good for the goose
simply does not apply to the gander!

So why Donald Trump am I hounding
through this verse and this poetic pounding?
It's Trump's hypocrisy
that so motivates me
and we're used to it! ... That's what's astounding!

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What's pleasantly astounding is that you're creating good and fun poetry from this circus. I think that I'm going to start reading your poems first, and then, the newspapers. Another good one! Keep them coming! !