James Knows All Too Well

Life can be quite tough as old James knows all too well
His addictions for years had him in earthly hell
He admits that to his nearest and dearest he has been unfair
But he has finally won his battles with his ghosts of despair

His addiction to alcohol and gambling for years were the bane of his life
And cost him the love of his children and wife
Many years of self induced poverty he has known
And now in his mid seventies he lives on his own

The cravings of his addictive mind he does deny
Ten years without gambling and his body of alcohol dry
So much to his demons in life he has lost
Addictions of any sort to the addicted one comes at some cost

In his mid seventies a likeable bloke
He enjoys a good laugh and can tell a good joke
With the help of alcohol and gambling anonymous he has returned from the brink of suicide
That he is a man of courage of him cannot be denied

For his alcohol and gambling addiction a huge price he has had to pay
As his ex wife and family does not wish to know of him today
But nowadays he lives with a smile on his face
And he is one who has been ageing with grace.

by Francis Duggan

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