James Russell Lowell

We still have the words that were born of his soul
The poet and the visionary James Russell Lowell
He was one of the finest bards of his time
A poet of the masses in the great age of rhyme.

An American poet his is a legendary name
In his own lifetime he knew a Worldwide fame
But like many great poets it does seem sad to say
That he too seems all but forgotten today.

With his words works of beauty the poet did create
And Lowell without doubt was a literary great
You read his poems once you will read them again
The beauty in his works with you will remain.

His poem the Forlorn is a tragic tale
Of one who was born poor and destined to fail
He did see the World through poetic eyes
With the have nots he was one who did empathize.

The poet of the people of a bygone day
And one of the finest of the U S of A
And at poetry recitals I've often heard reciters recite
Some lines that the poet in his greatness did write.

by Francis Duggan

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