Jandamara an indigenous warrior and freedom fighter of Australia's North West
The might of the Crown's cruel law enforcers he put to the test
He became a hero of his people the aboriginal dispossessed
In their beloved Country the poor and oppressed
A heroic figure even to Australia's indigenous people of today
Any respect to his people's oppressors he did not wish to pay
Though as a teenagers he was on their side
Due to their mistreatment of his people his trust in them they destroyed
Jandamara fought his own war against the law enforcers of the Crown
Till eventually one of his own kind did track him down
And in a fierce gun battle Jandamara died
By indigenous Australians his death it was mourned far and wide
Indigenous Australians have their own war hero Jandamara by name
His legend still living as testament to his fame.

by Francis Duggan

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Wikipedia has the spelling as Jandamarra. C.1873 - 1 April 1897. Jandamarra was an indigenous Australian of the Bunuba tribe who fought against European settlers. Great poem! ! I rate a 10.