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Political And Religious Hypocrisy

More difficult it has become,
For anyone to take what's said.
Or done to do seriously.
Leaving suspicions,
And intuitions...
More valued to trust.
Than what is quickly,
Smothered up.

Those who claim they maintain,
Faith to pray everyday...
Can be observed to be the ones,
Creating confusion...
Between neighbors, friends.
And involved families.
With deceptions to protect,
Kept childish insecurities.

Missed to dismiss information,
To twist it.
Will often start conflicts.
And unnecessary arguments.
Without evidence of facts.
Or the use of them to clear...
An understanding to comprehend,
A truth that is nowhere near.

And repeatedly...
The opportunity to have peace,
Love and harmony set free...
With it identified in unity,
As many claimed is wished.
And felt with a deep belief.
Becomes more a commodity,
Like a 'thing' purchased.
Or something one has,
To possess to impress.
But the reality of it,
Is nowhere to share.
As much as their political...
And religious hypocrisies,
Routinely followed.
Along with a worshipping...
Of dismay and despair.
Shared faithfully,
On a daily basis.
A God many say is served,
To obey...
Hears the words of hypocrites.
Who betray.
And from them has turned away.

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