Jane Margo

Jane Margo she recalls with sadness and she is always close to tears
Whenever she talks of Leongatha she hasn't been back there for years
In 1991 when she was last there she see changes in her Homeplace
And on the streets where she skipped rope and played games her's was not a recognized face.

She's only thirty nine Jane Margo and her only child Ann is nineteen
But she's overweight by twelve kilos she once looked so petite and lean
As some women age they put on weight without an increased appetite
And Jane seems to put on the kilos though she has been watching her diet.

In her younger years in Leongatha she was so popular with the boys
And all of the Town's young teenagers for lovely Jane Margo had eyes
But what a change twenty years can bring with blond dye she covers her gray
The once brown haired and blue eyed beauty has aged quite a bit you might say.

She lives in Queensland north of Brisbane at least two thousand miles away
From Leongatha in Gippsland Victoria in the sea side Town of
The lorikeets sing in the parklands on the flowering bushes and trees
On a warm place even in Winter with an average of twenty degrees.

When Jane Margo remembers Leongatha her happy girlhood she recall
And the fond memories of her old Hometown are her happiest memories of all
And though she feels happy in Queensland in the sea side Town of Mackay
She'll always remember the good times she knew in Gippsland far away.

by Francis Duggan

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