Jane The Writer

A pleasant Summer morning not too warm or too cool
And lovely Jane the writer sits on a timber stool
In her garden in the sunshine her shoulder length blond hair blowing in the breeze
All around the house sparrows chirping on the bushes and the trees.

She is penning a short story of a clandestine love affair
Of a married grandfather in his sixties and a single mum in her late twenties though such type of stories are not rare
But in her description of her characters from other writers Jane stands out
And one day she will be famous of that there is little doubt.

Twenty seven years blond haired and single she looks rather petite
Of late she has parted ways with her ex lover Ted their breakup now complete
She will not be seeking love for now on her writing she concentrate
She knows that time is on her side and things such as love can wait.

A beautiful young writer and more of her we will hear
For she will make a success of her writing career
And though she loved him for awhile she does not grieve for Ted
She feels glad he has found someone new love between them is dead.

by Francis Duggan

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