January 14th

My tears are overwhelming my eyes
they just can't seem to stop
right on my blue jeans
is where these tears drop.
I just got a phone call
my grandma just passed away
I just closed my eyes and wept
askn why, was all I could say.
As I made it to her house
I wasn't prepared to see
my grandma just laying there
lifeless, as was she.
My heart started pounding
as I stood there by her side
I'm trying to find the strength
but these tears I cannot hide.
I gently grabbed her hand
and kissed her on the cheek
I told her that I loved her
were the only words I could speak.
I bowed my head in agony
my heart was full of pain
every second her hand was getting colder
just like the winter rain.
Our bond will always stay strong
wherever she may be
everytime, I look up and smile
I know she's smiling back at me.

by bobby kramer jr.

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