January 19.2018

only walking you own path will open new ones, facing fear will break the darkness and light those paths, forgiveness will build bridges to those who meet you half way...people forget the basic principles of living, do not shun that which you don't understand all living things may not ware the same skin but have a right to evolve, all souls take the same shape, breath the same air that runs free we as living creatures on our own place where we belong but what if we were to destroy this harmonious place we call home, murder the mother, breaking the maiden then burning the crown...we forget more often then not and have to be reminded at a moments notice...we do not own this world, we merely are borrowing it, our lives are fleeting stopping in the blink of the eyes but instead we...we are acting like a bunch of spoiled children ruining it for the next generation selfish beasts we scrounge for every piece of light to sniff it out and only a few of us are standing against this...yes we are still beasts; hunters but we take what we need, knowing one day those lights will fight back, they will be reborn, we will cease to exist everything will turn green any symbol of our existence will be expelled and depreciated...are you seeing it? do you understand?

by Starseed Child

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A refined poetic imagination, Starseed. You may like to read my poem, Love And Iust. Thank you.