My Journey To A.P

Different head saw i,
in a lonely crowded container.
All with different sigh,
With some large and others thinner.
When hare the container respect,
Hastened was it through the road's precept.
'Agemowo wa o',
His content did gave a faint ho! .
Off him, the owner of the voice alight,
And made the thick air light.
Again and again,
'Mowo bus-stop wa o',
A professor of pepper gave her ho.
Which to me brought ease,
After she'd trust her feet.
The container moved on steadily,
Though with some parrot praising secretly.
'Mo leru leyin o, on bo le o'.
She did offer silence a blow.
They alighted in one in two and even in accord,
scaling my mind through the rod.
Then, my brother did his voice show;
'Conductor A.P wa o'.
Immediately, my mind degressed low.
'Cos his voice i'll follow.

by Adeyemi Joshua

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