How long will you forget me my lover?
For patience is on the saddle of love;
But don't pretend that your doors are now wide opened for all.

Face to face and eye-ball to eye-ball,
Of the union of the deep significance to promote my love;
But i will keep this foetus for you.

I believe i can fly and,
I believe i can touch you deeply with my words;
But do not distort the truth,
Because i love you so much! !

Look at me,
Very poor and tattered;
And like a penny for your thoughts and a dollar for my love,
For i am now trying to erase my past!

There is nothing new under the sun,
So wrap up your blody and come closer to me my sweet Janx!
Come and feel my heart beat,
And try again if you fail once in thisa world!

by Edward Kofi Louis

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