MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

! ! Japa-Yajna

Carrier wave; sine curve; you see it
on the heartscan lifescreen
in the intensive care ward

as if with no regard for you
it’s self-sufficient; sufficient to the self;

the same curve that the flute’s note makes onscreen,
pure as Krishna’s smile; his lips
making breath into sound

hear that, hear that which
runs day and night; repetition
that always never does repeat

and only when you’re still
will you know with Krishna

the sound of inner sacrifice
that never ends and yet
so pure it’s given beyond sought;

flute’s sound beyond all sound;
how still the room is now.

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The union of individual soul with the universal soul....that magic music wonder with His Bansuri playing Krishna solaces at critical moments...thanks for sharing a nice poem