Brave New World

Gone are the days when gentlemen would fight with sword or gun,
For honour or some quarrel beneath the rising sun,
but now in this brave new world the gentlemen do not fight,
Where love and peace, so they claim, is all thats in sight,
So tell that to our men abroad off fighting America's war,
All because theyre obsessed with settling a petty score,
A score started by America who wont rest until they win,
A pointless score and senseless war for some none-existant sin,
And in this brave new world there are no gentlemen,
Only cowards who hide behind our armies time after time and again,
Where did the days go when two men could fight beneath the sun,
And arguments passed quickly by without involving everyone?

by Dan Jones

Comments (4)

Well for the most part those so-called ignorant people put their lives on the line in WW II to preserve freedom. A lot of them died in the process. But every one of them are a damn site better than the generation that followed (of which I am a part) which has run the free world into the ground. No they weren't perfect and those that are should condemn them and nobody else.
So much can be learned about the poet (poetess) from his or her poetry. You and I have much in common, Sharon. I was born not too many weeks before you were. I love every poem of yours that I have read so far.
Have to agree with Rita's comment. Made me feel as if I was secretly getting a glimpse of a place I was not supposed to be. A compelling write!
What the eye describes in images - becomes the resulting revelation. I feel as though I have intruded on someone else's property and witnessed something that I was not invited to see. So compelling!