How Can I Tell Her?

How can I tell her, for I am lost for words
That hers is a love so precious and fine – a sip of elixir from one so divine
A moment so precious I want to freeze time.
That this is a passion I want to embrace – as deep as the oceans and as timeless as space.
My happiness hinged on the smile on her face

How can I convey, for words aren’t enough
That she holds my heart in the palm of her hand – I fear it will leak like fine grains of sand
Forever dispersing the life we had planned.
That my love is eternal and always shall last – Never diminished by the future or past
To burn so bright though time so vast

How can I express, what language can’t say
That you expel darkness and brighten my day – keep all the nightmares safely at bay
Anchor my mind and keep madness away.
That I am devoted entirely to you – in all that I say and all that I do
My love is pure and totally true.

by Doom and Gloom

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Well for the most part those so-called ignorant people put their lives on the line in WW II to preserve freedom. A lot of them died in the process. But every one of them are a damn site better than the generation that followed (of which I am a part) which has run the free world into the ground. No they weren't perfect and those that are should condemn them and nobody else.
So much can be learned about the poet (poetess) from his or her poetry. You and I have much in common, Sharon. I was born not too many weeks before you were. I love every poem of yours that I have read so far.
Have to agree with Rita's comment. Made me feel as if I was secretly getting a glimpse of a place I was not supposed to be. A compelling write!
What the eye describes in images - becomes the resulting revelation. I feel as though I have intruded on someone else's property and witnessed something that I was not invited to see. So compelling!