Japanese Garden On A Warm December Night

Poem By Hugh Cobb

Late December night
unseasonal, almost balmy
I step into the small Japanese Garden
in the center of three buildings:
this is the locus, the point which
pins brick to its substance
anchoring this place to the world...

I stand here & breathe night air,
allow darkness to embrace me
secret lover enfolding me
bringing me to a point of stillness
where even held breath could
shatter silence, cause the very stars
to blink out, one-by-one
leaving darkness so total
it must be my own...

In this numinous state
imagination's so vivid, so complete
I can see a stream running
beneath the small wooden bridge
defining this gentle, reflective space.

For a moment, I can forget reality’s hard truth:
Bridge covers a storm drain,
its charm accidental, by-product of function
- dispersing rain water, rushing river,
Into pipes - keeping property safe & dry,

Garden pristine in starlight;
caught in my lover's spell,
I allow practicality
to disperse, water down pipes.
Surrendering to silent darkness,
I hear only the mutable sussuration
of water rushing over smooth stones.

(Copyright 12/28/2005)

Comments about Japanese Garden On A Warm December Night

I'm fascinated with anything Japanese.. I really enjoyed this. Red
Quite a splendid piece of work. Reminiscent of a garden of a friend's in NOLA, right off the Quarter. Once inside the gate, the world disappeared and only the trees and birds and grass and fountain existed. I found it hard at the end of the evening to be led from that spot. It was like I would imagine Heaven's gardens to be. Rita
This is a wonderful poem to read. The imagery is great. You are incredibly talented, and I look foward to reading more of your poems
This is wonderful, Hugh. There is a garden just like this right in the middle of Los Angeles, hidden away behind tall buildings. A treasure, like your poem.
I've never been in a Japanese garden Hugh but you certainly make me want to visit one! This is beautiful. Sincerely, Mary

4,6 out of 5
9 total ratings

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