Jara Sochiye…

Jara Sochiye…

Jara rukiye, sochiye to jara
Agar meri shayari
Kisi burkhawalli ajnabi hassenaamein
Badal jaye to kya hoga mera?

Esei theek samajh lijiye mat,
Jara sochiye to, kalpana kijiye to
Mein aur meri burkhawalli bibi ja rahee ho kahi.

Just Think You…

Stop you a bit and think you
If my shayari, my love of it
Turns it into a strange burqua-clad maiden,
What will it happen to me?

Do not take it for granted,
Just suppose you,
I and my burkhawalli bibi going somewhere.

by Bijay Kant Dubey

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