MA (March 27,1951 / India)

Jasmine Flower Seller

A boy ran
Towards a van,
Holding out his hand
Full of fragrant
Jasmine flowers
Strung on a thread.

A lady beckoned
And began to haggle
Over the price.
The boy said
Five stings
For Rupees ten.

She pushed away
His hand,
The boy
Lost his balance,
And fell.
Tears welled up
In his eyes,
As he saw the wheels,
Crush his hope
Of a square meal.

The drizzle
Had turned to a shower.
The road was covered
With crushed flowers.
The boy had perhaps
Come from a distant village,
To earn an honest wage.

We spend thousands
Over what we fancy
On discount sales
Happy we have got
A bargain.
Why do we haggle
Over pennies?

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Comments (4)

A very sad and heart wrenching incident........Yes Mamtaji, we spend a lot on so many useless things but never care to help a street selling boy......Great composition and a memorable poem.
Deep feeling and every one with a heart feels it, , here we see it in words, some consciousness, , flower seller is a good theme, , lovely write 10
Our personal values and attitudes make us what we are, - in this case it was rather rude! Well penned! -Raj Nandy
...The drizzle had turned to a shower.... a good sincere write...the quoted line adds to the weight of the truth, mamta brings to light 10