Piercing with the paled eyes
Doctor gave verdict:
‘'It is spread thru water,
has to be cared''

'No, it is because of
seeing Vangoh's paintings'
Friend commented.

'Following the funeral procession of
Jose Arcedio Buvendia every day'.
Lover ridiculed.

'Without searching for job
sitting idle
swallowing the news papers'.
Father scolded

'Giving no importance to feed
Untimely urination
thinking many pranks.. '
Mother panicked.

'It is the yellow card shown by god
for the foul committed'
Priest prophesised.

Hey, you all those who gathered
with complaints around my liver
coloured like a crock pecked mango
please remember:

Often life turn yellow
when there is no greenery around.
= = = = = =

by Kamarudheen Amayam

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