RF (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)


I sit back and think of ways,
That I can take back all the days
That we have spent in anger and in rage.

I dwell on the I'm sorry's and the fighting to.
That's my nature, so well you knew.

Yet, as each day goes by and you are not there,
My heart can longer compare.
What it was like to not have you,
To knowing in my heart that I want you.

I can count that I'm sorry's from here until time is no more.
I can count that the regret's from now until you tell me to move on.

I can't undo the anger,
I can't undo the shame.
I can't erase the heartache,
Or let go of the blame.

In my choices I have made,
Bad one, good ones, lousy ones to.
Yet, I think I hit gold when I chose you.

Because at the end of it all,
We love who we love, no picture perfect, no it can't be undone.

A far cry from salvation, to a long walk on the beach.
You are what lifts me up, you are what give's me peace.
I think of loosing you, and my heart skips a beat.
I think of another, trying to do as you ask and see what my heart really seeks.

But, always it comes back to that one simple thing,
I can't stop thinking,
When will he love me again?
Hold me in his arms, and tell me he loves me like before.
Tell me its ok, we have each other, life can knock on our door.
What ever the decision, what ever the choice our hearts will decide together and we will make that choice.

Today, I'm sorry for all that has happened.
Tomorrow I will be to.
Today, I hope you will forgive me,
Tomorrow, I still love you.

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