Jealous Of You

I look at you,
and I see myself.
I look at you,
and I feel the regret running through my veins,
reaching my heart, poisoning it,
ever so slowly.

When I see you smile,
my heart empties.
That smile used to belong to me.

When I see you lead,
my heart shatters,
I used to be in that place,
I used to be in-charge.

When I see you looking better,
I see me looking worse.
We're like the opposites now:
You, doing good,
Me, doing bad.

I wish I could go back,
go back to who I was before,
the exact same person who you are now,
the oppositte of who I am now.

All I can actually do is to try to change,
to change for the better,
as hard as I can.
To reach that humble, sweet throne once again.

No more lies,
No more worries,
No more anger,
No more haterd,
and most of all,
No more jealousy.

by Angela R. M. Ferrer

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