There was someone I detested at
The edges of my dream,
He was sneaky, underhanded and
I thought him quite unclean,
For he knew my life with Candace
Had then almost run its course,
He was waiting in the wings; I said,
‘Don't take my wife by force.'

And he smiled, but somewhat grimly
In the way he had back then,
As if he would do whatever
To ensnare my wife again,
But I said, ‘Don't even think it,
Though you had your chance before,
If you even make a move on her
It's like declaring war.'

He could tell then that I meant it
Just by looking in my eyes,
They were red, and so distended
That he backed off, he was wise,
But it didn't help my marriage
For her love had run its course,
And she told me in our carriage that
She wanted a divorce.

I had tried my best to please her
But my efforts went unsung,
I'd played hard to get, to tease her
Years before, when we were young,
And I'd won her then, from Anson
Who'd refused to go away,
And had hung around forever
Right up to the present day.

I had said it was unhealthy to have
Ex's hanging round,
But Candace said, ‘He's just a friend,
Don't make him feel put down.'
She didn't think how I would feel
To always have him there,
At times when we should be alone,
He'd sit awhile, and stare.

So she left me on a Monday and
She barely said goodbye,
I wandered round the empty house
But found I couldn't cry,
For anger welled up in me when
I saw them walking past,
Arm in arm and laughing and
Together now, at last.

Emotions so intense rise up
To twist a jilted brain,
I swear I wasn't in control,
I must have been insane,
I traced them to his caravan
And waited till she left,
Then went to get some petrol
I was feeling so bereft.

I waited til the early hours
When he would be alone,
Then poured it underneath the door
Of this, his mobile home,
I thought, ‘I'll fix his little scheme, '
And stood, and watched it pour,
Then lit it with a single spark,
It went up with a roar.

I had to stand and watch it then
The fruits of my despair,
I heard a scream, as in a dream
The door flung open there,
And Candace stood, encased in flame,
She shrivelled as she stood,
All black and burned, revenge had turned
Destroyed my neighborhood.

They didn't find too much of him
And she died on the grass,
They found me weeping in the gloom
When once the fire had passed,
And so I stare out blindly now
Through bars of hardened steel,
They wouldn't need to lock me in,
I've ceased to see or feel.

8 August 2017

by David Lewis Paget

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Bitterness and coldness of revenge and jealousy
Bitterness and coldness of revenge and jealousy.