Jealousy, thou green-eyed Monster!
Threat to the mind of the youngster;
Pervading all ages, places;
Prevalent in Human races;
Thou infect the female gender!
Rarely the male who doth render
Both his eyes, free of thy green sheen!
Unlike the Eve who cannot feign;
Thou rob the minds off peace, a shame;
Envy is thy other short name!
And Ye who split the hearts who loved,
Like fire spread into the crowd;
Creating ill-will amongst friends;
Siblings, kith and kin, no end;
Thine nasty work began from birth!
Polluting the fountain of mirth;
Betwixt sisters of closer age;
Ye spared not elder men or sage;
Amongst neighbours; in vocation;
At work-spot; play; avocation;
Ye spared not men of higer rank,
In thine clutches, their wives just sank;
In schools and any walk of Life;
In colleges, gave rise to strife;
Envy, the root of all evil!
The prime method of the devil!
O God, protect us from this MOTH!
That hits the eyes of Man, beast, both.

by Dr John Celes

by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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