Poem By Jaymie Lanera


“Green is the color of jealousy, but it is also the color of hope.” – Julia Cameron

A common trait, it is not of mine;
It seemed the only times our
noses would touch, was generated
by a man’s insecurity clutch.

If you love your lady, and one she be,
leave her free: welcome the eyes
of her admirers for they will see
her smiling and happy; Happily standing
hand-in-hand next to you. Embrace the ones
whose love for her is true and whose interests
are in her best; as this is common ground
where both of you rest.

Chance is a gambler’s bet on trust;
The cards collecting dust in his shirt
pocket are going to hurt once
it burns a hole. Lay them down,
Draw limits around your Royal Flush
with an elastic band that is flexible
to a curiosity that is incurable.
Kings and Queens can be intimidating,
but with out them, you wont have
that Royal Flush.

Don’t cheat or bluff, but play true and fair
until the end of the game, and if you
make not jealousy the root of each thought;
You will be cashing in your chips
for the answers and the prize which you’ve sought.

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