J ust i think of you though I’m J
E ndless chain of dreams, gle E
A pleasure, my eyes on you glue my A
L oves with pride swel L
O nly to thought, conceded the hell O
U nity nicer, two souls in lie U
S imply I feel jealous, need of fond caresse S
Y ou like me, me too, blue sk Y


by Per. Nig.

Comments (15)

At first, it's a lil confusing, but long after staring at the screen, I can understand the acrostic and so the meaning.. Great..
nice to read; jelousy is well drawn
Very neat way of displaying the word! Ten! Linda
wonderful job and its nice to read
Remarkable jealousy the Nightingale... With the present of poets really blesses the dark blue sky, especially such jealous... 10....... Best wishes, Tsira
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