Green eyed monster
With sparkling emerald eyes
Lurking in your mind
Having you believe
he is on your side
A demon in disguise
Looking for a weak spot to find
to your ghats misery to bind
in your heart
to spark a burning fire
Your soul to assign
in envious desire.

by Milica Franchi De Luri

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Comments (5)

To be envious is like vicious…cycle never stops… It’s a vice…kills harmony and breeds discontentment… Nicely crafted by you…thanks Ma’am 10+ Ms. Nivedita UK
dear milica......jealousy, envy.....the baser qualities in uswhich comes up from time to have put it in beautiful way.couldn't have been better.lovely write. ritty
I have been inspired by your vivid and gracious keep up your great ability...................God bless you!
i could not imagine anyone expressing it better
Dear Milica, this poem is short but powerful, well-penned, thanks for sharing, you got my vote,10+, keep it up, Love and Peace, Romeo