Jefferson Beauregard Sessions

Oh Jefferson Beauregard Sessions,
being bullied by President Trump
You were loyal and true
as a lapdog, but you
have been thrown 'neath the bus like a chump.

So when Donald Trump asked you to fire
Mr. Mueller, you must have thought, 'How'?
From that task you're excused,
being rightly recused
from the Russian mess playing out now.

So Trump's trying to shame and demean you,
saying that you're beleaguered and weak.
What a cowardly disgrace.
He won't say to your face
that 'You're fired': Those words he won't speak?

Robert Mueller's team is closing in now,
with Trump's nuts in a vice - he can tell.
Trump won't show you the door
'cause we all know for sure,
it would make him look guilty as hell!

Understand, I don't like you Jeff Sessions,
with your racist past troubling and sad,
but I hope that you'll stay,
for I so love the way
that it's driving Trump stark raving mad!

by The Trumpoet

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You've done such a good job with this poem! Send it to Sessions as food for thought! !