Lord today I want to offer my humble apology. I don’t know
why Lord but I never call you by your name. I call you God,
Father, King, Master. You are all that, oh yes indeed you are.

I ask myself why, Lord why do I never call you by your name.
Today Father, I will address you properly and give you the
respect you deserve. I will call you Jehovah, a beautiful name
it is.

There isn’t one of us on this earth that would like to be addressed
in any other way. We all like to hear the calling of our name.

There will be no other but you Jehovah, no one will ever take
your place, for you are the ruler of the whole human race. You
have been kind, loving, caring, stepping in when one would least
expect it, coming to the rescue when all else seems impossible.

It has been said many times Jehovah, you work in mysterious ways. I no longer complain when I’m sitting in traffic for long
periods of time. I never try and beat the train, or run for a bus.
No longer will I refer to anything as a coincidence because
Jehovah, I know you are at work.

You have many special ways of saving our lives, of speaking
out to us, of leading us on the right path. You and only you
know what the future will bring. Someone as great as you
deserve more than any to hear the sound of your name.

I know who you are Lord, I know what you have done and
what you are capable of doing. I know Jehovah, you can take
us by the hand and lead us along the path to Cavalry, I know
you can show us the right road to take, I know Jehovah that
you and only you can pull us out of the deepest, darkest hole.

I realize you are the king of all kings, I know you are the master
of all, you are our Heavenly Father. You are the God of all God’s,
no others will come before you, oh yes Father God, you will always be the same, Jehovah I will never be ashamed to call you
by your Holy name “JEHOVAH”

(July 21,2007)

by Melvina Germain

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Melvina, you are so right in that we hardly ever use his real name. This is a beautiful poem for Sunday. I have the feeling that so long a we believe in him he will not mind if we call him Lord, Master or God. But maybe the next time we say our prayer it might be right to call him by his name. Thank you for sharing this lovely pray with us. David