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Jenny 3
JMB (February 13,1990 / Sydney)

Jenny 3

Jenny ♥

A smile that brightens up my day
a heart of pure gold
always a shoulder to lean on
forever a hand to hold.
To you i can say anything
conversing all night long
helping me through the toughest of times
even when i'm in the wrong.
for you, i will always be there
standing right by your side
for you, my mind & heart are an open book
to you, i have all but nothing to hide.
i can always tell when you're upset
just looking in your eyes
it hurts me when you're hurt
a little part of me dies
never will i abandon you
leaving you lost and alone
you are my other half
one of my very own.
i know you'll always care for me
and to you, i say the exact same thing...
you are the best friend, my wifey
my absolute everything =)

Jessie Mahoney Bathis 16-9-09

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