WA ( / Manchester, England.)

Jenny Came Out Of The Closet!

Jenny came out of the closet
To whimsical statements of mirth!
But the times held her down,
Cried enough tears to drown,
And such sorrow consumed all her worth.

Bereft of bohemian life,
All society snapped at her heels.
Cold the knives in her back,
A pathetic attack,
On a beau who a different way feels.

An exclusive design of our God?
So why then torment her with lies?
Damned archaic your brains,
Such cold blood in those veins,
To ignore such a soul in disguise!

In her present dilemma she shines,
Adapting the scope of her range.
With a 'force-ten' of will,
Confrontation bears nil,
Now her only thing constant is change.

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