Jerry The Limerick

He has grown, in the clinic, a beard
but the stubbles are rough and much feared
by the soft, peachy skin
of both cheeks and her chin,
she considers his hairyness weird.

So she sharpened that Wilkinson blade
pulled the love of her life to the shade,
and proceeded to shave
from the face of this brave
man the hair, but she left him his beard.

He had grown, near each ear in just days
a small bushel of hair, like some gays,
and he blamed the selection
of the drugs for injection
it was Medicine's modern day ways.

After resting the night at his home
she had run out of white shaving foam,
which she meant to employ
to cut braids off this boy
but instead he had asked for a comb.

Well, I promised to keep up to date
all you poets about Jerry's fate.
If you saw his new looks
you would close your e-books
and this forum would start a debate.

I should also be honest and mention
that the nurse who kept Jerr' in detention,
put two rings in his nose
and a ruby-red rose
in his navel, with evil intention!

Do not shoot me, the messenger, please!
It is Jerry, who's also obese
as he stole all the pies
from the trays of the guys
who were bedridden due to bad knees.

All in all they were happy to see
that his kidneys again let him pee.
And they showed him the door
to the street level floor
thus at last our Jerry is free.

Discussions are well underway,
as sweet Alison showed some dismay.
Now the plan is to post
for the upcoming roast
on this forum his current portrait.

And as soon as the photo is taken
we shall tie up this silly old bacon
like a proper Martini
or Italian linguini
he'll be stirred with a vengeance, not shaken.

In the end he will be once again
just a poet who deserves a cool ten
and to some as a teacher
or a Scotch drinking creature
and a member of clean-shaven men.

by Herbert Nehrlich

Comments (2)

For ever Jerry though you may have sinned it's you that will trully not be skinned! I love this poem! ! ! Keep writing..
Long live Jerry and long live you, Herbs! With warmth, Gina.