Jersey City Drummer

When I was sixteen, cohortin' with kids on my street,
Johnny P. was two years younger than me,
and so good and sweet.
Walkin' home with him, I happened to confide,
I was fancy free, no boyfriend at my side.
I became a victim of his suggestion.
He said it was a match, to go out with his drum teacher.
A plan he'd try to hatch.
After giving lessons, he'd park in front of my house,
just to see if I'd go out -
with him - Mr. Slick, who strutted all about.
"I come from Jersey City - a man of twenty-one."
And so I relented - got in the car -
we went around the block.
"You know I'm too young - Please, these
Advances have to stop
Jersey City drummer - I'm too young for you,
you're livin' in the fast lane,
And you're wonderin' what you're goin' to do.

by Kathryn Asbury

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'Great job! ' If that your real last name, We have something in common. I'm from Asbury Park, NJ