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HAJ (21 may 1965 / kuwait)


A such and such by.. Till the tears were concluded
I burnt.. Till the wax lights dissolved
I bent the body.. Till the kneeling tired of me
I asked about Mohammad, in you and from Jesus
O holiness, O city diffuses a strong odor the prophets
O shortest avenues between the earth and the sky
O holiness, O lighthouse of the canons
O burned beautiful potter's clay the fingers
Sad nominated you, O whose Virgin is indebted
O shadowy oasis he passed by her the prophet
Sad the stones of the streets
Sad ا mosque's minaret
O holiness, O beauty surrounds the blackness
Who knocks at the bells in the church of the resurrection?
The morning of the units..
Who brings the games to the boys?
In night of the birth..
O holiness, O whose low spirits are indebted
O big tear moves freely in a field of eyelid
Who sets up the aggression?
On you, O pearl of the religions
Who takes the bloods away from the stones of the walls?
Who salvages the gospel?
Who salvages the Koran?
Who delivers Christ from the one whom they killed Christ?
Who delivers the human being?
O holiness.. O hometown
O holiness.. O my beloved
Tomorrow.. Tomorrow.. The lemon will glow
The green ears become glad with the olive
The eyes laugh..
The emigrant pigeons come back..
To the clean rooftops
The children are being forced to turn back they play
He meets the fathers and the sons
On your two Lords the brilliant..
O my country..
O country of the peace and the olive

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that was a beautiful poem for jerusalem..land of isra and mearaj..with the scent of the history which sing in her old street...