Jerusalem, Far And Away The Best!

Jerusalem, Jerusalem! The City on the hill...
God's promise made to all of them obedient to His will...
More than the wise man comprehends, excelling dreams and things!
The Lord saved Zion for His friends, not treasure trove for kings!

The hand of Destiny's above your open doors and gates
And God on high looks down with love and tempers all the fates...
To leave intact His legacy, His blessings yet unknown...
Until the wondrous victory is God's and God's alone...

Till Christ returns, you bide your time - a servant to His vow!
God's promise tells it's so sublime that every knee shall bow!
Confessing Christ as Lord of all, just as the Bible says...
And blessed is he who doesn't fall, yet kneels to say his prayers!

My God decrees a future day when Jesus rules the globe!
When faithful souls are swift to say, 'Let us be pure as Job! '
For holiness shall prove its worth as men despise their sins,
And watch the Saviour rule the Earth as King, yet Prince of Peace!

Behold... the nations tow the line, obedient every one...
With wisdom, having seen the sign, and trusting in God's Son!
Thus war recedes and peace is blessed... so credit where it's due...
Far and away the Saviour's best! Jerusalem, that's you!

I wish that I could walk your streets when Jesus comes again
And God's great prophecy completes what's now beyond our ken!
Jerusalem, be patient still... Your time is yet to be!
When Jesus rules upon the hill... that once was Calvary!

by Denis Martindale

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