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Jessica Or Jezebel?

Jessica Or Jezebel?

Poem By Glenn Bagshaw

She'll whisper that she'll never tell.
She'll haunt you: please come out and play.
then hunt your hands; oh what the hell,
brushed touch of her pounds sense away.
Jezebel, oh Jezebel.

The smooth, soft satin when she talks.
The willow look, her sway and stretch.
Votives pray she'll move- she walks!
Devotion thrills the sackcloth wretch.
Jezebel, my Jezebel.

She mocks the fool that may resist.
Pursued, you waver, you don't know,
then trapped, embraced, the conquered kissed,
your vows turn cowards-watch them go!
Jezebel, sweet Jezebel.

She's wily wise and understands.
She'll ploy she's sightless- Love is blind-
and so she'll know you with those hands:
her magic touch, your tangled mind.
Jezebel, love Jezebel.

Leers swallow all her stepping out-
A goddess shining at your side-
All wits will fail or thrash about,
you're lured, you're lost- that finds her pride.
Jezebel, please, Jezebel.

She takes the men each parlour game;
so coy to bid, she'll wager higher.
You'll lust to lose. Loin-thrilled shame
loves velvet lash that fans the fire.
Jezebel, that Jezebel.
Flicker, sputter, fume and flame
Flicker, sputter, fume and flame.

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