'Jessica's Eyes'

There is a pair of eyes
That see through my rough exterior.
Eyes that see the true me,
Eyes that make my self testimony inferior.

Other eyes see only my gruff outside,
So they neglect to dig deeper.
Thereby saddening me to no end,
Making my self worth feel cheaper.

However, I know someone who takes the time
To look at my true inner self.
She sees the love that lives inside,
Along with my niceness, which is on a shelf.

I thank God for Jessica's eyes,
They are of a special kind.
Very pretty they are to look at,
Also a very pleasant thought to my mind.

So I ask the Lord to heal the blind
And allow them to see through my disguise.
Let them know that I can be a devoted friend.
Let their hearts be like Jessica's eyes!

Lord, in all I do, may the glory go to You. Amen.
© Greg A. Oosterhouse,10-26-2007

by Greg Oosterhouse

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Lovely :)