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Jester In Chief
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Jester In Chief

Standing amongst his peers
He says, (to quote another) “Lend me your ears”
For I have wit to share
Saying what no one else would dare.

“I am the one who knows
What is required to lessen the evil blows
Of fiancé and societies, woes.
Listen up, here is how it goes.”

“Say so many things that the listener will find
Something of which is good for his kind
And will follow you till the end,
All you have to do is call him, my friend.”
(As in: my friend, Sarkozy.)

Alas, the group of twenty assembled
Has heard this all before and were chagrined
To hear him tell,
They must remain under his spell.

In the group picture of the world’s leaders
He seems to be absent before the photographers
For he was off on flight to places for him to speak
Of visions (spiced with humor, of course) that the masses seek.

So away he goes appearing before those who want to hear
America’s “Jester in Chief” wearing asses ears..


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There is a comical vein under this somewhat humorous poem in my humble estimation. You did well here, and one has to read carefully to see the funny in this. I do not know if you set up to be a funny poem; it is not readily funny. But if one reads the poem outloud and has ears for it, one will hear the funny tone of the poem. take care now!