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Just a man or was he really something more?
Exactly what do we know about this man who claimed to be our savior?
Such wonderful promises he made of paradise and everlasting life but was it all lies?
Until each of us knows 100 percent for sure we must question and seek the answers
we do not yet hold in our hearts
Surely it is not wrong to want to know for sure what the real truth of his begining here
on earth was

Just saying he lived and walked this earth is not enough to convince us all
Extremely fearful of what we may find the truth seekers move forward anyway
Suppose this whole holy thing is just a lie? What do we do then?
Useless to try and run away from what could be the truth
Surpises like we've never before could well be in store

Joking about this we're not
Enter the mind of your deepest heart and find for youself what is and isn't real
Someday may reveal something we were never meant to know
Understand we don't wanna make trouble
We just want answers like all the rest of you
Sorry if that offends or steps on any toes

Just tell us once and for all
Empty our minds and hearts of any and all doubts
Support us in our search for the ulimate truth
Under one God we will all stand or we will all fall
Scream, shout, do anything it takes!

Anything but be led like a blind useless sheep to the slaugther
The truth IS out there

Jesus Christ
Man or myth?

Help us to find out........


by Ramona Thompson

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Keep asking the questions! If you really want to know God will show you. I know it's the truth, He was more than a man, and still is more than a man. I've seen His work in my life, and my friendship with Him is the best relationship I have. He is always faithful, and always true. And He loves us, so keep asking, keep searching for the truth because if He really is the truth, He can answer. Don't be afraid to take the hard questions to Him, He can handle Himself. Be brave, approach the throne and see the God who loves you. I'll pray for you. 'Those who seek will find, to those who knock the door will be opened for them.' 'Seek the Lord while He may be found.' May He show you His love. Dane
if u wan 2 know the answer just buy a bible if not go 2 a church i hope yr not lazy seen yr ask