A Romantic Rose

Shall I just stand and let the eyes drink,
The wine in the petals is shocking pink,
Inhale your aroma and watch your dance,
Join naughty winds in a rainy romance,
Shall I touch you with the lover's lips?
But I know for me aren't nectar sips,
As you are smiling for the butterflies,
The colorful Angels from the skies,
Who is hidden in you, could you speak!
You are soft but dense, you'll never leak.
But the eyes of a lover with a lovely peep,
See Him smiling in your soul so deep

by Akhtar Jawad

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Beautiful piece of poetry depicting the Omnipresence Omniscience Omnipotence nature of The Lord. A lovely poem, well articulated and nicely penned with spiritual insight. Thanks for sharing. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON.