Jesus And The Sailor.

28th October 2014.

He stood alone from dusk ‘til dawn
From daylight ‘til the sun had gone
Then there she came from far beyond
And he noticed that no lights were on
He was just a sailor waiting by a river.

His old ship's coat came to his knees
And felt no chill from autumn's breeze
He was used to raging winter's freeze
And had suffered more on stormy seas
He was just a sailor waiting for a woman.

As he stood there, he could not forget
His emptiness held one regret
And his tortured eyes saw it coming, yet
What you give is what you get
He was just a sailor waiting for his lover.

He killed a man, he had to drown
It was the last time she played around
Now she lies cold beneath the ground
And the memories still hunt him down
This sailor's waiting still down by the river.

Tell me friends, what do you see?
Am I the sailor, is he me?
Was this his love that he decreed
Would this jury set him free?
He was just a Jesus waiting on an answer
Just a sailor waiting on the sea.

Paul Colvin.


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Fantastic poem on vision lovely so lovely