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Jesus At Sunrise

The other day I was weeping
The tears keep coming to my eyes,
Then I looked outside my window
As though compelled to look toward the skies.
And my tears they just kept falling
Which was caused by the worries and the world outside
And the sin and the hate just kept gnawing
From which no one can ever hide.
I then brushed the world aside
As I was compelled to search the sky,
And then! I shook in wonder
I saw Jesus walking at sunrise.
He was walking with outreached hands
As though reaching for every woman and man,
And I didn't make a sound
As I was lost, and never found.
I watched him walk with such concern
As he watched the world below,
He walked with such shame and pity
My teardrops then began to grow.
And as I watched as Jesus walked
I knew then that the Lord did care
No matter how I felt,
I now knew that Jesus would always be there.
And as Jesus kept walking
I saw sorrow on his saddened face
Was it for his children and the world
Or was it for their future, and their fate.
I kept watching Jesus as he walked
As he looked, and searched the world,
Then suddenly! He just disappeared
As though he was never here.
Then I closed my curtains on my window
And then I fell to my knees to pray and cry,
Though this time not for the world or me
But, for Jesus, who walked at sunrise.

Randy L. McClave

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